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Ra- Ra's Story

Cherry Tee-Pee Before I started going to the Cherry Tree Association my brothers spoke of it as Harry's Garden. I was a really bad person before I started going to the Cherry Tree Association . I was in Spafford (a prison for teenagers) for two years because of something that happend on the train. My friend and I were playing a game called Snuff (where one person dares the other to punch someone). I had his gun tucked into my pants for protective use. My friend punched a man and when I saw the man getting ready to punch him back I pulled out the gun. We ran off the train and when we got to our destination the police stopped and arrested us.

gardeners I had lost my inner pride until I came to the Cherry Tree Association . I was scared. I had nowhere to go. The people there helped me find myself and they helped me follow the right path. They gave me a different perspective on life.

Now I stay out of trouble by keeping my mind focused on school-work and on art. I have learned to look at the world in a different way. If the Cherry Tree Association can help someone like me, just imagine what they can do for all of you.