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Carmageddon was a short-lived bicyclist affinity group mainly based in New York City. The original discussions that led to the formation of the group happened at the Earth First Rondevous in 1993. During a workshop called the Urban Dwellers Support Group, which brought together the urban activist of the earth first movement for the first time, to discuss the possibilities of working together on issues outside of Earth First!'s usual wilderness focus.

Out of the discussions came plans to pull off a national day of anti-car actions under the name Carmageddon. Unfortunatly the actions only happened in New York City.

The first action by Carmageddon was on earth day 1994, when members of carmageddon handed out flyers at the bridges and tunnels leading into manhattan. The front of the Flyer read "Tips for keeping your car safe during your stay in New York City." Many of the happy tourists got upset after opening it to see the advice [Leave it home, take the train, ride a bike] and the CArmageddon logo of a stick figure with a club about to smash a car.

Later, they started handing out fake parking tickets to drivers they thought were dangerous. The concept was to actually create a people' s database of dangerous drivers. The uses of such data was never clearly worked out. That and the many hostile encounters with drivers after handing them the "tickets" led to the project being scrapped.

download a pdf of the flyer ||| download a pdf of the ticket

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